Tad Deck, Residential Sales Manager. residential@hmglass.biz or tdeck@hmglass.biz

Dan Kreiser, Residential Sales Accounting, Residential@hmglass.biz or dkreiser@hmglass.biz

Tom Brunelli, Residential Installer

Bryce Miller, Residential Installer

Forrest C Hoffert Jr, Owner/President. hmdivent@hmglass.biz

Tina Hoffert, Secretary. thoffert@hmglass.biz

Kelly Meister, Accounting.  kmeister@hmglass.biz

Chuck Bowers, Senior Project Manager.  cbowers@hmglass.biz

Dave Klein, Project Manager. dklein@hmglass.biz

Tommy Adler, Project Manager. tadler@hmglass.biz

Bryan Rogers, Drafter. brogers@hmglass.biz

Dan Sorensen, Fab Shop Manager. dsorensen@hmglass.biz

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70 Years of Experience 

Dave Berger, Shower Manager/Installer.  showers@hmglass.biz or dberger@hmglass.biz

Jeff Jackson, Shower Specialist/Installer.  showers@hmglass.biz or jjackson@hmglass.biz

Licensed & Insured
717-277-0680 (Lebanon)  or 717-531-3490 (Hershey)